Laureates 2006

Yegor Gaidar

Alexey Kudrin

Boris Firsov

Lawrence Klein

Robert M. Solow

Shuntaro Shishido

Thijs ten Raa

On the 30th of September, 2006 the ceremony of rewarding with the International Leontief medal for “Contribution to Economic Reforms” was held in the Oak Hall of House of Scientists in Saint-Petersburg. The ceremony took place in the framework of the VI Annual Leontief Conference Actual Problems of Russian Economic Development/ Leontief Readings. 

The ceremony of Rewarding was opened by Irina A. Karelina, ICSER "Leontief Centre" Director-General, with the presentation about history of creation of the International Leontief medal for “Contribution to Economic Reforms”, first, second and third ceremonies of rewarding.

Rewarding with the medals in name of Wassily Leontief “For Achievements in Economy” and  reports of the medal laureates took place after completion the speech.