Laureates 2011

Vitaliy Nayshul

Andrey Shleifer

On February 18, 2012 in the Mikhailovsky Castle VI Award Ceremony of International Leontief Medal Laureates 2011 for Contribution to Economic Reforms took place.

The ceremony of Rewarding was opened by Irina Karelina, ICSER "Leontief Centre" Director-General, with the presentation about history of creation of the International Leontief medal for “Contribution to Economic Reforms” and ceremonies of rewarding.

Welcomming addresses

Andrei Shleifer, 
Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Welcomming address


Sergey Vasiliev, 
Council of Federation, Committee on Financial Markets and Currency Circulation, Chairman; ICSER Leontief Centre, Chairman of Academic Board



Charles Wyplosz, Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute (Geneva), Laureste of the International Leontief Medal “For Contribution to Economic Reforms” (2010) participated in the Conference with traditional lecture of the Laureate.