VI Annual Conference from the series of Leontief Readings “Problems of Economic Theory and Policy”    

On September 29th-30th, 2006 the VI Annual Conference from the series of Leontief Readings “Problems of Economic Theory and Policy” was held. The plenary session started after the welcoming notes from the Conference organizers and guests. The plenary session of the Conference was devoted to the discussion of long-term perspectives of world economy development and issues of Russian renaissance in the context of world economic development tendencies. 

The Programme included four parallel section meetings: “Economic Policy”, “Demographic Transition and Social Policy”, “Wassily Leontiefs Works and Modern Mathematical Economics” and “Transformation of Institutions”. 

In the view of jubilee nature of the Sixth Annual Conference “Leontief Readings”, its Programme included festive events and actions, devoted to Wassily Leontief Centenary. 

One of the section meetings “Wassily Leontiefs works and modern mathematical economics” was timed to Wassily Leontiefs Centenary (it was organized by Leontief Centre jointly with Russian Academy of Science Institute for Mathematical Economics). This section was devoted to discussion of modern trends of economic and mathematical modeling and mathematical instruments of relevant economic research. Wassily Leontiefs Input-Output Models and his contribution to economic science in general were viewed from the positions of neoclassical theory and modern modeling of regional economic development. At the section the summarizing reports about results and new attitudes to the implementation of mathematical methods in economic research, including quality assessment of institutes and their influence on economic development were made.

In the framework of Leontief Readings Conference on 30th of September a Solemn Session devoted to Wassily Leontief Centenary was held, which included:

Sponsors and co-organizers: Saint-Ptersburg Government financed implementation of series of actions for organization and carrying out the Sixth International Conference “Leontief Readings” (29th-30th of September 2006) which confined with Wassily Leontief Centenary, RAO UES of Russia financed organization and carrying out next events which will be realized in the framework of the Sixth International Conference “Leontief Readings” (29th-30th of September 2006), Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks (Moscow), St. Petersburg Institute for Economics and Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, ICSER Leontief Centre

The celebration of Leontief Centres 15th anniversary was held in the framework of annual conference Leontief Readings.